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Updates on Tools

Drift 3.0 was released February 19, 2019, in both an online demo a downloadable DMG:

To run Drift3, users still need to open Gentle first.

Drift3 automatically calculates the prosodic measures and pitch and timing data, which can be downloaded in the form of a CSV or JSON and MAT (Matlab) files. User-testers can also directly copy and paste prosodic measure values from Drift into Excel, select any part of an uploaded recording to zoom in on it, and see the text aligned over the pitch contours. The online demo will be very helpful for user-testers who don’t have access to Macs.

In spring, summer and fall 2019, and likely continuing in 2020, refinements will be made to the Drift3 interface to make it ever more user friendly and useful, along with tutorials and documentation, so please take notes as you try it out. We also need to test the prosodic measures calculations, to make sure they are consistent with the World/Matlab approach developed by Lee Miller. Remember that this is beta software.

User-testers can access Drift3 for the foreseeable future, but please keep in mind that our NEH grant ends June 30, 2019. So we will need to survey you on your use of the new Drift and your suggestions for future tweaks in late May/early June, 2019.

A big thanks to Robert Ochshorn for his excellent work on Drift3, and to Lee Miller for helping Robert to integrate the calculation of the prosodic measures straight into Drift3.

Participants in the project can use this google doc to trade notes and correspond during the course of the project.